Why do we need to repair our Lenovo Laptop or Computers ?

Many of us mostly do our work on our laptops only and do various work, as a students we do our school or college works and parents do their office work on it. First we are amuse with it’s performance but lately and gradually we realize that it’s not working so good so, we start to blame laptops and it’s functions. We failed to believe that, our laptops has maybe effected with virus and now, it’s need to be repair, like our cellphones.

It starts to work slow, hang a lot and junk mails appearing on screen constantly and it doesn’t allow us to work. We gradually and slowly face many problems and gets irritated with it, then we should realise that our laptops need servicing things.

Sometimes, your laptop perhaps heat up very quickly and that demands your attention. It maybe because, your laptop is running so slow due to some virus and now your laptop need some servicing. Heating up means your hardware gets quickly heat up and you end up, with slow performance of your laptop and hanging too.

Our laptops can effect with virus due to our mistake only, maybe we have clicked on unwanted applications or mails or Facebook story and it’s lead to welcoming virus in our laptops. Sometimes your laptop can be freeze also it’s due to virus only, but it effect your hardware system or motherboard of your laptop. You need to service it. Laptop freezing is more harmful then slow performance.

We need to update our laptops. We should have better and latest version of windows for our laptop according to it’s laptop version. If you running windows software on window 7 or 10 then it would not be capable of functioning properly because it’s internal system can’t handle that highly software.

For windows laptops there are many software but you need to know it’s version then download the software according to its capabilities. Mostly people prefer windows 7 because it runs very fast and nowadays laptops can easily handle that thing. Windows 10 is the new version of software and it’s really cool but what will we do if, our laptop can’t handle that software. Running software without it’s laptop capabilities then it may lead to slow performance too. So, download the software wisely.

Virus can easily effect your laptops and easily can be removed also. You just need to download an Anti-Virus application to protect your laptop form various form of virus that can harm your laptop and can heat up your laptop or slow down your laptop or slow down it’s functions and performance.

You really need to look for it. It’s that simple, you only need to download one application for a month or three months then enjoy your laptop with an Anti-Virus free and enjoy your work on it.

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