How to Disable Your Laptop Touchpad

One of the standard devices in a laptop is the standard laptop pointing device. Because the touch-pads have been built into a laptop, they work well when you are not carrying it around another pointing device. You can also get a mouse or another pointing device. There are users who prefer the feel of a touchpad above anything else. However, your laptops touch-pads still get in the way sometimes. While you are typing on your laptop’s keyboard, it’s common to brush against the touchpad and send the cursor flying across the screen. There should be no need for you to put up with that. Below the lenovo laptop service center in mumbai has provided you with certain tips with the help of which you turn it off.


There will be times when your palm or thumbs may touch the touchpad accidently while you’re typing. When the pointer jumped and you were not looking at your screen this is what causes the mouse cursor to move a different location in the document, you may end up typing at the wrong place.

The lenovo laptop repair service center will also tell you that the simplest way for you to disable a touchpad will be based on the on the hardware. Have no fear as the at manufacturers of modern laptops have tried to address the issue up front. On some laptops you can come across a physical switch which helps to disable and enable the touchpad. The PC can also provide you with a keyboard shortcut when you press the Fn and F7 keys simultaneously in order to disable the touchpad.

To avoid facing such a scenario, it will be an excellent idea to disable the touchpad at least when you are typing a long document or while you are using a mouse.

There are many laptops that will not have dedicated buttons but you can use Function keys to toggle the state of your touch pad.If you have an HP laptop, you can press the top-left corner of the touchpad for some time and it will disable the touch pad. Now you should do this step to re-activate it.

The new laptop computers that are available in the market come with a physical on-off button which will be easily able disable the touch pad or they will have an icon in the system tray with the help of which you can manage the various settings of the touchpad.

You can also disable the touch pad through the device manager. Key in devmgmt.msc in the Windows Run box which will start-up the manager, expand Mice as well as the other Pointing devices, right-click so s to disable the driver entry

If neither of these solutions work for your type of laptop, try Touch-Pad Pal – which is a free Windows utility that will disable the touchpad temporarily of your laptop as you go into typing mode. This tool ty runs in the system tray and requires no configuration.

Finally, if you are interested in eradicating the touchpad completely, this can be done by disabling it through the BIOS itself. In order to reach the Pointing mechanism section in your BIOS may be different as it lies in the exact path that you need to follow.

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