How to diagnose your keyboard and fix it when it refuses to work

While many people believe that keyboard damages can only be repaired at a computer shop or by the manufacturer, there are some common issues that be easily fixed using inexpensive tools, and by putting little efforts. Many of these repairs require efforts as easier as the high school projects. Continue reading this article to fix small issues of your laptop. Laptop keys once in a while take a beating, so it’s common to expect their obstruction. There are chances for your laptop keyboard to stop functioning. While we generally applaud taking your laptop to the experts at Lenovo service center in Mumbai, we wouldn’t mind sharing some helpful tips with you.



Keyboard is not working

When you find some of your keyboard keys not working, the issue might simply be because of some kinds of obstruction. To check the problem, you should first turn the laptop upside down and the shake it a bit to check whether there is any accumulation of dust or dirt. This might sound weird to you and look very odd, but it works. So give it a try this time. Try cleaning your laptop keys with a key board brush and remove the dirt.

When the problem lies in all keys of your keyboard, try checking for the faulty keyboard drivers. To check the keyboard drivers, go to the device manager. When you find a yellow exclamation mark next to the keyboard icon, know that it is the indicator for you to re-download all the necessary keyboard drivers. Visit the download page of your laptop manufacturer and look up for the right drivers for your keyboard. Downloading the necessary drivers can fix your laptop keys.

Solving the major issues

When your updating drivers can’t fix the problem, then the best option would be to trust your laptop in expert’s hands. There might also be a loose connection with your motherboard and the keyboard unit. If you are a technician, you can try opening the laptop chassis to access all the internals and check if the ribbon cable of your laptop is properly connected with the laptop. Make sure your place the keyboard in right position, properly connect the ribbon cable and replace the keyboard when required. But if you still fail at getting your laptop in a functioning condition, then we strongly recommend you to take it to the lenovo laptop service center in kandivali

In order to keep up with the performance of your laptop and optimize the solution, we strongly recommend you to visit the nearest laptop repair centre and get assistance from the experts. When visiting the laptop repair centre, be sure to check whether the support centre provides complete support for all your software and hardware related problems. The technicians should provide you best advice and solutions for every issue you are facing while using your laptop. The authorized service centres are one stop solution for all your laptop issues.

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