How to Check if Your Lenovo Laptop Fan is Working

The fan is an integral part of a Laptop. It keeps the internals of your device cooler. That makes it important to check the working condition of your Lenovo Laptop fan. How to check if your Lenovo Laptop fan is working or not? We present you the ways to check if your laptop fan is working or not and how to rectify any minor issues in this article.

How to Check if Your Lenovo Laptop Fan is Working?

The laptop fan cools the internal components on your Lenovo Laptop. This will, in fact, go a long way in letting your laptop function properly. A non-working, or faulty fan can cause malfunctions in your Laptop. It can cause overheating and damage the internal parts.

Testing the functioning of your Lenovo Laptop fan is as important as taking care of the documents on it. Here is how you can check your Lenovo Laptop Fan and ascertain whether it is functioning properly.

Follow the steps here below to check if your Lenovo Laptop fan is working to his fullest –

  • Turn your computer ON.
  • Locate the position of the fan. You can refer to the documentation that came with your laptop to have a clear understanding of the location of the internal parts.
  • Try to listen for the sound of the fan. If the fan is working properly, you should listen a smoother sound.

If your fan does not have any issues, you should be able to listen to a smoother sound. If there are any issues with the fan, it will either make a crackling sound or rotate with vibration.

There are some cases wherein your fan may be working properly, but it may not be effective. You can check if it does perform its functions. The main task a laptop fan is expected to perform is to blow out hot air so that the internals remain cooler. You can check if this happens by letting your laptop reach its optimum temperature and then check if it blows out hot air.

What causes the malfunctioning of your fan?

The issues in the Lenovo laptop fan can be caused as a result of several issues that may be troubling your laptop. Some of the causes can be rectified by the user himself, however, a majority of the issues may need technical assistance. We would advise you to opt for a consultation with a reputed Lenovo Laptop Repair Center nearest to you in such cases.

proper Positioning
A Lenovo Laptop should always be placed on a straight and hard surface. Using it on your lap for prolonged periods of time can also be a reason to malfunctioning fan.

Accumulation of Dust

The fan itself may be working to its fullest of the capability. However, dust accumulated on the blades can reduce the ability of the blades expelling the hot air. It would be advisable to get the fan cleaned at regular intervals. As a normal and standard practice, we would advise you to get it cleaned once every three years. You can consult a renowned Lenovo Laptop After Sales Service Center for a suggestion on the frequency of cleaning.

Problems in Motherboard

A faulty mother board can also create issues related to your Lenovo Laptop fan. A blown up capacitor can cause the laptop fan to malfunction. If you are aware of the technique involved in replacing the components on the motherboard, you can try it yourself. If you are not familiar with the concept, it may be advisable to go for a valuable analysis and evaluation from any good rated service center.

Anything else you can do to check the functioning of Your Lenovo Laptop Fan?

Well, there are a few third party tools you can use to check the functionality of your Lenovo Laptop fan. You have several apps that you can choose from. Some practical solutions can be Speccy, BurnIn Test, SpeedTest and Core Temp are some of the applications that can be helpful in this regard. These free online tools can be helpful in checking the functionality of your laptop fan.
These tools make your Lenovo Laptop run to its full capacity and thus push out to perform to the optimum capacity. That way, the tools test the performance of the laptop in general and the fan in particular for the proper functionality. They will also help you by analyzing the issues that can be caused by overheating.

These tools can help you check out the efficiency of your laptop fan. These tools can be quite helpful in diagnosing the performance of your Lenovo Laptop.

The Parting Thoughts

The fan on your Lenovo Laptop is always an essential part of your laptop. It protects your laptop from getting overheated and thereby its components getting damaged. The best way to avoid this eventuality would be to take a proper care of your laptop fan. The tips indicated above should go a long way in helping you stay safe as long as your Lenovo Laptop fan is concerned.

Do follow the tips we have featured herein to safeguard your Lenovo Laptop fan. If nothing can sort out the issue, it could be time to replace the fan. Consult a good Lenovo Laptop Repair center for a proper guidance.

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